The Modern Marketing Slay: Digital Platforms And Their Effectiveness

The marketing essentially refers to the process of developing, promoting, and selling of a product or service. In its traditional sense marketing would not be confined to any of the above elements of a business. With the immense popularity that digital platforms have gained, digital marketing has emerged as the modern marketing slayer. Digital marketing as a whole is very vast in its operation. The only common thread between different channels of digital marketing is the use of digital platforms. The various digital platforms available for marketing in this modern corporate age are listed below.

The Social Media

One of the most commonly exploited media for digital marketing is social media. This includes social networking sites and channels like Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and much more. One can promote content in the form of digital media and fetch a new potential customer base. The interesting fact about these platforms is that you can reach out a designated or targeted audience based on various criteria. These criteria may include age, demography, geography, likes, and dislikes, and so on.

SEO Is The New Leader

 Whenever a website is published, it requires to be optimized to rank in a search. If you have a website but you still are not getting enough traffic then you should definitely consult with a professional. A professional SEO specialist would help you frame your SEO strategies and gain your desired traffic by improving your rank in search results. SEO has been a leader in the domain of digital marketing. It is the only way that can fetch you organic traffic on your website. And, organic traffic is actually more likely to convert into sales than paid traffic.

Have You Tried Blogging?

One aspect of SEO is blogging. For conducting a good SEO, you need good and authentic backlinks to your website. One way to build organic backlinks to your website is to publish blogs. These blogs and articles essentially have a hyperlink embedded either in the text or following a media. The embedded link directs towards the desired web page when prompted. Your blog does not have to be confined to articles necessarily. It can include videos on Youtube or a photo on Facebook or your Insta handle. It can be anything as long as you can embed a link into it.

Consider Google Adwords And Google Business

The newest members in the club are Google Adwords and Google business. Google offers a paid promotion service to boost the traffic on your website. This paid tool is known as Google Adwords. It essentially promotes your website over others for related keywords, when searched. Another tool that can help you to gain sufficient traffic on your website is a Google Business Site. You can link your business site with your website and direct the traffic from your business page to the desired webpage on your website. Whenever a local business involving your keyword is searched, your business site would rank amongst the results on the first page.


These social platforms have completely transformed the way modern corporate houses promote their products and services and convert sales.

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