Best ICO trends for 2020

Nothing is better than a funding source for a startup business. As the concept of cryptocurrency is increasing rapidly, the requirement of crowdfunding is also proliferating. It is an excellent source of capital, especially for startup companies. As the ICO market is generating, finding out the predictions for the year 2019 would be a greater idea to put help to your business. Just like other traditional markets, the concept ICO comes up with its unique characteristics making it even more exciting to get on!

Here we are presenting you with the best ICO trends for 2019.

Get the whales from the various institutions:

Checking out the influxes of institutional money is a greater idea to get in. With the growing marketing of cryptocurrency, various big companies have already started up building up the outline of infrastructure where different institutional investors can invest in. It is not only a theoretical concept, but the introduction of various institutions in the market also have taken up the credibility of the token sale market and hence helps the financers to get some extra for higher quality ICO. If you are looking for proper guidance on the same, I would recommend you to go for Steve McKay.Don’t know who is Steve McKay? Find it out here!

Regulate global markets:

The concept of institutional money is much more related to regulations, and the only things that can help you in the same are the clear policies. In response to some entries present there, clear policies can assist any institution in finding out leading investment centers. A progressive cryptocurrency regime has been finding out which ultimately has affected the cryptocurrency market by following the regulation being developed for cryptocurrencies. The platform being provided here is too large and doesn’t require any retrofitting products with existing legal boundaries.

Initial Exchange Offerings (CEOs):

Yet the primary medium of fundraising for the cryptocurrency is ICO; still, the introduction of IEO has made the customers rely on the exchange function as counterparty. In a certain way, IEO is much similar to ICO, the only difference here is IEO delegate turns out the sale into a token rather than be trying to purchase them all by themselves. The exchanges are even more reliable as the terms KYC, and AML are strictly used here. Along with providing you ultimate protection over privacy, it is a constant source to work with multiple token issuers.

Security Token Offerings:

STO is another name in the list of fundraising mechanisms that have earned a significant name and fame in the last few months. Being designed to serve as a real bridge between traditional markets and new token sale, it offers the institutions in issuing tokens in the form of shares, mutual funds, and other formats of ownership assets.

Professional ICO Management Platform:

Most of the times ICO projects relying on the token sale processes along with having their unique parameters and metrics. Various filters and sources are being used for creating the concept of token issues. A smart CRM is being launched for symbolic sale to simplify the ICO management before, during, and after-sales. So make it more simple by running an own exchange of yours, rather than trading on fees only.


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