14 Powerful Apps Which Have Rightfully Put Made It The Best Ecommerce Platform

There are so many eCommerce platforms out there that choosing the best eCommerce platform can become a daunting task at times. Shopify has become one of the topmost eCommerce platforms today. Part of the reason why this is the case is the high number of apps that are provided by Shopify. The apps by Shopify enable you to add different functions to your website to add more features to it and enable you to do more. Currently, there are over 1200 apps that Shopify provides you with so you are bound to find the app you want for your online store!

The following apps from Shopify can be integrated on your website for free. These are the most downloaded apps on Shopify and are loved the most by businesses worldwide. This is why Shopify is the best e-commerce platform!


Klaviyo is the best marketing solutions app that ensures you can grow your business efficiently. You get the analytics and you can then drive more sales with that data as you will know what to do.

Free Shipping Bar

Research has shown that customers are more likely to buy more when they get free shipping. This app displays a free shipping offer on a bar and motivates customers to buy more to save on shipping costs.

Product Reviews

The addition of customer reviews cannot get easier than this. Use this app to add customer reviews to the products you are selling and manage the reviews easily.

Plug In SEO

Know all about your store’s SEO and take immediate action to improve your SEO when required. This comprehensive SEO checker shows you the problem areas so you know what you need to do without wasting any time.

Bulk Discounts

Want to add promo codes, loyalty programs, and get more customers? Then this app is for you as you can create thousands of codes and it takes only a few minutes to do so. The simple set-up ensures you can create discounts easily.


This app lets you find the products to sell. There are millions of products available for you to choose from. It makes shipping and packing easier. You can customize your products, add multiple users, and more.

Conversion Marketing Automation

A powerful email marketing tool is what you need to retain customers and to drive sales. This app gives you the ability to grow your business by segmenting your email lists and useful metrics that show you exactly how well you are doing.


This plug and play app lets you collect and showcase reviews directly on your website. It makes it easy to import the reviews that are already present for your products as well.


Shippo takes care of the shipping aspect of your products. It helps with tracking, lower shipping rates, and there are options to ship from over 50 carriers. It provides a simple approach to something that can be complicated.

Better Coupon Box

Turn your website visitors into customers with the help of a coupon popup that is responsive. You can recover abandoned carts or help prevent cart abandonment with this app as well. This helps you capture leads and make sales.


This app helps with order tracking so your customers know exactly where their package is after it has been shipped. You can provide automated updates to customers so they are informed about everything.

Social Media Stream

You can effortlessly add streams from all the major social media platforms. These include Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more. It doesn’t matter where your customers are viewing the posts from because the app is mobile friendly.

Facebook Store

This app makes it a breeze to sell your products directly on Facebook with least hassles. You can manage, track, and fulfill orders conveniently.

Order Printer

You can print invoices, slips, and labels for your orders with this particular app. Template customization is easy with this app and you can take help from Shopify experts or do it yourself if you wish.

Shopify allows you to add the app you want easily and it makes running an online store so effortless. Once you start to use Shopify’s services, you will understand why it is so remarkable in all aspects. Since Shopify provides you with support every second of the day you can contact Shopify’s team whenever you have a query. This helps you become more productive and integrate the apps that will truly make a difference to your website. This is why Shopify is undoubtedly the best eCommerce platform ever created.



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