Best google apps in 2020

Almost all of them know that apps have captured more than half of the space in our phones similarly in our hearts.  There are some apps that have become a necessity just like food water so there are some apps that have become fashion such as Whatsapp. So the reason depends on the person and their needs.  So here are the top five apps from the reassure of 2019.

  1. Google Drive suite

This is top and therefore there are valid reasons which make it demanding. It is a storage solution that is available for all androids where they get 25 GB to keep things safe and secured on signing up and that is for a lifetime. It includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, and Google calendar. It has another function as well as such as live collaboration, deep sharing functions, and compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.

  1. Google Maps and Waze

Google Maps is also an important app nowadays. If you go out in an unknown city this app is great to help at that moment and even if you are visiting any unknown lanes this app can be a torch to you so keep it and do not miss it out. It tells everything from distance to its address everything.

  1. Google Assistant

Do you know Google assistant has become more like a friend these days as it does not guide you it replies all your quires? And the importance of these apps cannot be denied. So if you use Google so much which every does so this will be really a great help for that matter. These apps really help us in every query and trouble.

  1. Google Duo

Google is really active in taking care of its users as it has launched its new app Google Duo which is connected to Google. And it is also necessary to have this app as it also keeps you connected to your loved ones in every situation you can simply make a video call to them and see them and it does not charge a single penny for this. You can call anyone from anywhere in the world and it is absolutely free.  That is why it is in the list of top five apps of 2019.

  1. Evernote

It is really an important app for those who love to maintain things and good at managing things so this app will just be your hand in that case.  It is indeed very useful that is why it is streaming the list of best apps of 2019. You can even save pictures in Evernote so it also preserves your important documents.


There are other apps too which are very important but these are in the list of top 5 important apps of 2019.   So you must have this one because these not just keep your stuff safe and secured but also good apps from every aspect.  So use well and know the importance of these apps because it is even more impotent than WhatsApp and Facebook.

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